Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Beginnings and Opportunities

Well; it's been a long time (once again) since I blogged. To be perfectly honest; I find it difficult to find things to blog about now that I'm settled back into life here in the good ole U.S of A. At least; I find that the topics I could actually blog about are probably irrelevant to the initial topics I started this blog for. I guess since there's been a turn of events in my life; it's time to update you all on how life has been going. (Although these updates pale in comparison to my Honduran stories)

I have decided to venture back into working in a school and back into the classroom. I'm sure this not a shocker for those of you who have been saying that teaching is my calling and I have a way with children. I don't doubt that I do. I will be starting at Trinity Academy in the new preschool program on April 5th, and I have to admit that I'm extremely excited. There's just something about the preparation and positive energy in a young learning enviroment that I can't seem to want to steer away from. I don't know what it is, but I have developed such a love for the value of a good education. I know I always had these values ingrained in me, but I also know I never would have accepted this true passion were it not for my time in Juticalpa. In a country where the average person does not get past second grade, I feel honored to have had the opportunity to devote a year of my life to educating a small percentage of these beautiful children, and to give them hope for the future.

I have decided after being away from a school setting that this is the type of enviroment in which I will always want to work. I still have such an interest in non-profit fundraising, and have decided that my dream job will be in development and fundraising for a school. This way; I can combine my love for children, education, and helping those less fortunate and have the best of both worlds. (Meaning being in a school enviroment and helping with the funding of education resources, scholarships, financial aid for underprivileged children, etc). This particular opportunity at Trinity will afford me the experience and contacts I need to work towards this ultimate career goal. I'm very excited about it, despite the fact that it might not financially be the best opportunity for me right now.

Ahhhhh, money! Just the word alone frustrates me more than anything these days. I have to preface these next few paragraphs by saying that I apologize to anyone I have offended in the past few months by my verbal statements, facebook status updates, and emails regarding the topic of money and finances. I have had several people close to me (all of whom I love dearly and value the opinions of) tell me that I may not be making the best move financially by accepting an "entry level" type of job position in a school enviroment. (I currently nanny and am making decent money). I know I have made blanket statements saying that I feel as though all anyone in this country cares about is money, and that money drives everything. I've also made comments about preferring to be living with very little but be living my life with passion and doing for others, than to be wealthier and be a miserable person. I wish to publically apologize for any of these types of statements that I may have made that could have offended anybody. I think sometimes I need to step back and think before I speak in regards to this topic. YES, there are many times since my return that I feel sickened by the greed and materialism of the average American person. YES, there are times when I feel as though the average American person would rather work in an enviroment that made them miserable but supplied them with a huge weekly paycheck, than to follow their passions and make a meager income. This IS America, the land of opportunity after all.

In thinking back on these statements I have made, I realize that I have been afforded an opportunity that most people will never experience in their lives (or at least for as long of a time period as I did). They haven't met the people that I've met along my journey. These beautiful people had far less than anyone I've ever met in the States, but they feel happy and blessed for what little they DO have. They taught me how to be grateful and humble. I am no better than anybody else just because my values may be different from the average person's after my time abroad. Instead of judging others and putting myself up on a pedestal; I should be celebrating this beautiful gift of my own values and following my passions. After my time in Honduras; I can honestly say I'd rather be making minimum wage and be surrounded by the people I love and be doing something meaningful with my life than sitting in a corporate office cubicle miserable on a daily basis, with a new Benz and a 1200.00 a month South End apartment. Everyone's definition of happiness is different- Honduras taught me what brings ME happiness - genuine love and kindness for one another, living a life with purpose, authenticity, generousity, and simplicity. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

Great to have you back.....and congragulations on your new position...look forward to you going to Honduras with us...Love you honey....

Anonymous said...

Agree with you totally, like the old saying goes, "Money can't buy happiness".